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Sputnik strongly believes that business is extremely important to a country's economy because businesses provide both goods and services and jobs. So to familiarise ourselves with the skills that are required in the business environment and the impact these skills can have on our own lives and on society, Sputnik has organized a business quiz,"Quizopedia", which provides an ideal platform to showcase your intellect in business sector and will highlight your continuous efforts in developing the modern business world


Sputnik is an able and talented salesperson . He gets selected for an interview for the post of senior sales manager at a well reputed company,which is in fact his dream job. So ,to fulfill the dreams of people like him, Sputnik organized "Vendeurpreneur",to test one's influencing and convincing power.


Its' Pixel's, our dear Sputnik's friend's birthday. Having no clue regarding what to gift her and being a CAD geek, Sputnik presents her a CAD layout. Now annoyed by Sputnik, Pixel challenge her to design an arduous layout. Now as poor Alex is busy convincing Pixel,its up to you figure out the problem.Help Sputnik out.

FUSION 360 Workshop

This advanced workshop on FUSION360 will help the attendees to explore the further features of this versatile software which will enhance their designing capability.