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Conceptualized in 2017, Sphinx is part of a vision to bring together technology and culture in a unique way and to infuse creativity into technology. Sphinx derives its name from a mythical Greek creature that has the head of a human and the body of a lion. Staying true to its name, Sphinx represents the two sides to technology- boundless creativity and calculative science. This 3 day fest is a glorious celebration of the many facets of technology and provides the perfect platform to soak in the latest of the tech industry. With intensive workshops, motivating orations by industry experts, cut throat competitions and breathtaking performances, there is something for everyone here. So join us in this magical escapade to explore the best of tech !

Sputnik is a tech savvy person and is determined to learn, analyze and create all the technologies he can dream of. So he decides to conduct a workshop, giving us an insight into all the modern technologies including Robotics , Aerodynamics, Ethical hacking and Internet of things for us to gain practical wisdom and to have an uncompromised learning experience.

The exhibition will display various research projects and development activities going on in the various departments of the institute which are sure to leave you exhilarated. The exhibition will be a technical extravaganza which will portray the technical excellence of MNIT Jaipur and at the same time depict the staggering feats of the technical community. It will also exhibit the latest and coolest technology on the blocks

SPHINX 2.0 presents to you the 2nd edition of TECHTALK, A course of events that showcase some of the most prominent personas across India belonging to a range of diverse field. Connecting these minds to the young and dynamic audience present at the fest, the series has been continuously striving to provide an opportunity to live one’s dream of interacting with the best of every discipline. With a lineup of some of best orators, dignified personalities in the field of technology, SPHINX 2.0 provides you once in a lifetime opportunity to savour their rich experience and profound knowledge. So gear up and do not miss one of the most awaited events of SPHINX 2.0.

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    Malaviya National Institute of Technology, JLN Marg, Jhalana Gram, Jaipur, Rajasthan-302017

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    Sumit Kumar : 7073357606 (Workshop)
    Aditya Sinha : 8949296150 (Events registration)
    Ronak Gadia : 8879755487 (Marketing)
    Shreya Jain : 9783080753 (Cultural)

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