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A college fest is not only about technology and talks, it’s also about relishing those moments with your pals. Each and every fest in India doesn’t feel the same without dance and music. Guys and Girls get ready to pump your lungs out and to be embellished in your attire. Scream out into the night sky and be prepared to get your feet grooving to the beats only at ‘Sphinx', MNIT's Annual TechFest.


A poem, as compared to spoken words, is more powerful and reaches out with more conviction. Poetry, or for that matter, any form of art plays a huge role in shaping society and people’s views & opinions. Most of the teenagers and young adults have a flair for writing, whether it is prose or poem. The poetry night is the platform where you will see the performers expressing their emotions and opinions on significant issues on both, social and personal levels, which gives them a new and more powerful voice. Poetry is not only associated with flowers, love and heartbreaks. The shorter, novel and exciting version of poetry is set to make you fall in love with this spoken word. So, if poetry touches your heart, this is an event you can't afford to miss. Witness the poetry coming from the notebooks of 15- year-olds and 50-year- olds and be ready to be mesmerized. Come and pour your hearts to Unerase Poetry.


Laser and Light Show:

Gear up and get ready for the epic adrenaline rush and the adventure of a lifetime at SPHINX.
Lasers are the most powerful light source on earth. With their thin shafts of light and rainbow-pure colours and have the ability to reach out in three dimensions and shower the audience with cascading beams of light, embracing them in waves of moving light. “Star Wars”-style laser beams are a dazzling cross between theatrical lighting and fireworks. The unique features of lasers help put the “spectacle” in spectaculars, and the “special” in special events. It will truly be a kaleidoscopic display of lights dancing to the music and sound effects are sure to take your breath away. This is truly an event for the spectacular crowds where visual effects move faster than your imagination ever can.


Masquerade Party:

Masquerade, the word itself is sufficient to create an aura of mystery, suspense, and thrill. Masquerades have been used since ancient times by warriors, kings and gradually evolved into a fashion in present era one of them being the masquerade parties. More or less all of today skins are enthralled by these parties inculcating beautiful and mystic masks. SPHINX offers a golden opportunity to enjoy and dance in a night full of known strangers, where you yourself are a stranger to your acquaintance.

Limited Freemasks for Early Birds.


Silent Disco:

Experience the silent disco organized by SPHINX, a wild sight to behold, even crazier to partake in. Silent disco has much in common with a regular disco or party, with one noticeable difference…there’s no music! Silent disco is a unique way of experiencing live music – whether it is a DJ or even a live band. People wear wireless headphones and a silent atmosphere instantly transforms into a high energy musical performance.
The sound is crisp and clear anywhere in the venue – whether you are in front or in back, no need to lose your voice screaming over the booming music. Simply slide the silent disco headphones partially or completely off and chat freely with your friends, a surreal party experience where the music is pumped through distributed wireless headphones instead of the speakers. Take back your musical freedom and dance to the fullest of your hearts’ desire.

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