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Sputnik and his friends are fond of watching animated robot-fights. All of them are intrigued and decide to create a real time battle scenario.Hence they organize a fight of self designed bots. They will appreciate if you accept the challenge and put forth your bot for the battle with other participating robots and witness adrenaline rising high in you. As simple as Sputnik and his friends say "The strongest and the smartest prevail".


Sputnik is fascinated by the emerging Robotics technology and how efficietly they are replacing humans in various fields especially in hazardous jobs. Sputnik recently heard about the fastest robot 'Cheetah' developed by Boston Dynamics. He now plans to conduct a race between other developing robots to test their speeds. So if you think that your ROBOT is able to compete in this interesting race, come join us at the circuit of 'ROBORUSH.'


Sputnik’s interest in robotics is growing and he is searching for more complex situations to test new robots. He has always been interested in solving mazes of different kinds. Now he wants robots to cross through human-made mazes full of obstacles and complexities. So he designs mazes and invites roboticists to test their mettle in ROBOTRYST “the ultimate maze game.” So do you think your robot can solve them? Come compete!