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Sputnik is always surprised to see flying jets and missiles but does not like the pollution they cause. Sputnik finds out about water missiles which use compressed air and water only to power missiles for various ranges. He starts to build one for his own but fails. Poor Sputnik doesn't know where he went wrong. Come help Sputnik in building the best 'AQUA MISSILE'.


Sputnik has always been curious about moving vehicles, their machinery, motors, and the science that works behind them. He keeps an eye on every new vehicle that comes to the road, looks at its specifications and compares it with others. He is fascinated by the world of machinery and is always ready to learn new stuffs being discovered or modified. Basically Sputnik is an ‘avid mind’ in the field of ‘MECHANICAL AND AUTOMOBILES.’ Now here’s your chance to compete with Sputnik in this quiz designed to test your Mechanical and Automobile knowledge.