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Sputnik came to know about the great Indian mathematics wizard Srinivas Ramanujan who devised literally 3900 results in math and that day he decided to become Anuj of  Ramanujan and started buckling down on math. To prove his excellence he decided to conduct a mathematics quiz named Mathematica. Are you a math genius? Then come join and prove your dominance.


Sputnik enjoys doodling in his free time and often uses the back of his notebook as a canvas. A movie buff, Sputnik’s bedroom walls are lined with doodles of some of the most beloved films of all times. In an effort to encourage the free spirit of art, Sputnik is holding a doodle competition based on the theme of movies, thus leading to the creation of MOODLE, a rendition of screen on paper.


Sputnik believes that English is one of the most dominating languages of the world which is having its impact on every field of work. He thinks that it plays a significant role in the world that is inevitable for people to ignore this fully. For this very reason, Sputnik decides to conduct a English language clash which would test a range of your English skills in the form of crosswords, puzzles to even solving riddles!


“Always work on your own terms” is the motto Sputnik lives by .The modest “9 to 5 jobs” have never been his cup of tea. Sputnik’s thoughts have always wandered around finding solutions about basic problems and making a living out of it. The desire of being his own boss has always driven him to shape his dreams into reality. To each and every problem in his world, Sputnik believes one day, he shall have a solution. If you deem yourself to be as ambitious as Sputnik, come and help him to design a model, as he vies to earn recognition among the top budding entrepreneurs of today.


Sputnik was recently having a conversation with his friends where he heard of the *Egg Drop* challenge. He was very curious to know more about this challenge and and in this process he came to know that this challenge is a fun way to incorporate critical thinking and problem solving abilities. So he decides to convoy this very challenge to test our creativity, innovation and perfection.


Sputnik is crazy about comics and has seen all the movies of marvel and dc but is unable to choose one between the two as he believes that each of them are special in their own way. So Sputnik decides to conduct *The ultimate crossover* where he has pinned these characters together right here in this quiz. Help Sputnik get out of this dilemma and bring these fantasies closer to reality !


Sputnik has learnt of an old fable that talks of a fantastic lost treasure, hidden since centuries in a fantasy land. He pores over hundreds of ancient books to look for this fabulous treasure but the map to the treasure has mysteriously vanished. Many before him have tried and failed to find the treasure. In his quest for the treasure, he meets a wizened old woman who promises to guide him to the location of the famed treasure. The catch? She speaks only in riddles and Sputnik must test his wits against time to reach the treasure through a series of winding clues in a challenge that’s nothing short of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.