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After spending a summer opening and then putting together various electronic devices in his house, Sputnik has understood the importance of circuits that power the whole world. Sputnik decides to form a group of potential pioneers who understand the basics of electronics and electrical engineering and those who can design efficient circuits for various problems. The catch? Only those who can clear his test can be a part of this elite group. Are you ready to take up this challenge?


Sputnik has caught the electronics bug and constantly tinkers with electronic circuits to debug them and learn good design practices. In his quest to understand electronic and electrical circuits, Sputnik realizes that basic aptitude and analytical skills, coupled with knowledge of analog and digital concepts is essential. He sets forth a challenge to find other likeminded ‘Electra bugs’ like him who are passionate about the circuits that power the world around us.


After a power cut in his building, Sputnik has a new interest in studying high voltage circuits. Apart from the complicated diagrams that he has studied in his Electrical Engineering course, Sputnik decides to read about the applications of electrical science in real life and then moves onto identifying faults in the circuit such as the one that caused the power cut. Help Sputnik navigate his way through the world of complex circuitry to master the concepts of electrical engineering.