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Sputnik has his war paint on for the greatest battle in cyberspace- the CODE OF WAR! Join his troops as they struggle through complex programming questions across two grueling rounds. The battle will require teams to formulate, manipulate and innovate as they scale mountains of algorithms and navigate their way out of trenches of test cases. In this war of epic proportions, who will be bestowed with the crown of the CODE OF WAR?


An avid programmer and a book lover, Sputnik believes that there are several parallels between a program and a novel. Just like literature, Computer Science too is made of fine nuances and details that are subject to interpretation by the programmer. Sputnik sets a unique challenge for the most brilliant minds in programming across 2 rounds. The first round will test their ability to understand the fundamentals of Computer Science in the form of a quiz while the second will have them locking horns to write their own masterpiece program based on the question prompt. Don’t forget to read between the lines!