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Sputnik suffers hypersomnia and dreams about solving everyday problems when asleep. Once in a dream he finds himself in a place called 'AMARA Island’ that is facing frequent earthquakes due to seismic disturbances deep down earth. People have no clue and their houses are unable to withstand the devastating force of nature. So if you think your design can withstand earthquakes come help Sputnik by showing us your skills in SEISMIC.


Sputnik recently saw a documentary about Burj Khalifa and was surprised to see the construction of the massive building that stands tall with all the peculiarities in the famous ‘Dubai heat’. As a curious kid he now starts exploring more about various other big buildings, tunnels, dams, roads and bridges. He likes to explore designs, constructions and other maintenance related work of these BIG projects. Here’s your chance to face a unique quiz ‘CIVIQ’ designed by Sputnik to test your knowledge about Civil Engineering.