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  1. Must give information of the Facebook pages or groups of their respective colleges.
  2. Must submit the e-mail IDs of their respective student councils or sci-tech Clubs.
  3. Must add certain specified members of Sphinx into their groups.
  4. Must publicize about Sphinx in their campus at regular intervals.
  5. Must update the Online Publicity secretaries about their work every week.
  6. If it’s a group it must contain all the college students of that college, if it’s a page , it must have been liked by all the students.
  7. Must give the contact information of batchmates, toppers and active club members for Sphinx events.
  8. Must put posters and distribute pamphlets in their college, provided by the Sphinx Campus Publicity(CP) team.
  9. Must provide information about your college fests and holidays, etc. regularly to the CP secretary of Sphinx
  10. Finally, and most importantly, encourage your college students to attend our workshops and fest.


  1. Get contacts, build relations which will ultimately lead to creation of a large network around you.
  2. Management skills are the real-world skill required at this time of the era, and here, you will get an abundance of it.
  3. Firsthand view of how our fest, arguably one of the biggest techno-cultural fiesta you will ever come across, works and get an idea of how such big techno-cultural fest
  4. We will also give Goodies and prizes to top 10 campus ambassadors.
  5. One Surprise Gift to Best Ambassador of the Sphinx’18.